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AWB is Bellweather Test

For me the AWB/HiCapBan sunsetting is the bellweather test. There is absolutely no way that it should be reinstated or a new version put in it's place, knowing the following:

-The House has a strong pro-gun majority.
-The House is expected to become more "republican" (meaning incumbents and potential candidates would stay away from known decisive issues, like gun control).
-The Senate is just barely pro-gun.
-The Senate is expected to become more "republican" (meaning incumbents and potential candidates would stay away from known decisive issues, like gun control).
-The White House has been warned that if a new ban is in place in November, Bush will not have support of gun-owners. (He may be banking that GO will still vote for him due to the "War on Terror". I'm not one of them. If I can't defend myself and family here at home, another war somewhere else is a distant second concern to me.)
-The sunset requires NO ACTION. Politicians (and remember majority are pro-gun) have to go out of their way to bring about a new ban/reinstate an old one.
-Documented evidence shows the ban to be useless and only harms the law-abiding's Constitutional/Civil Rights.

If, in the face of what's outlined above, a new ban takes effect, that will demonstrate to me that We the People and our system of government are compromised and no longer working according to the US Constitution (I'm already convinced of this, the AWB is the "final straw"), that there are very strong "strings" manipulating our governmental processes and we are not in control of our own government. If that turns out to be true, there is only one way to take back our own government and that is, (short of massive civilian protest and I doubt you'll get the "sheeple" motivated) is the removal and replacement of the "professional" politicians.

Unfortunately, we Americans have been asleep at the switch so long and allowed the socialist/communist agenda to get into our schools, that the vast majority will sit and watch themselves be put into bondage so long as they get cable!

It truly is a shame (but has to come about to allow for the New World Order).

What happens when you separate yourself from God (and let me be specific, Jesus the Christ)? You go to hell.
America is separating itself from God. The country is on it's way...

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"A Republic, if you can keep it." B. Franklin, 1787, outside Independence Hall

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