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I LOVE IT! I've been shooting IDPA since August 2001 and got bit by the bug HARD back then. My dad got me involved. I shoot at least 2 matches a month, and it's usually more like 4-5 matches/month. (I have access to 8-9 a month, but can't seem to get up in time to make the ones that start at 9 since they're anywhere from 2-4 hours away ;P) I'm an SO and have worked the last 2 Pennsylvania State Matches and the last 2 Nationals. I help run 2 matches in Pennsylvania and am more involved with the 2004 Pennsylvania State Match. IDPA is a fun game. It can also be a pretty good means to get to practice shooting skills that I don't get to practice often, outside of formal training events. And it's more fun than shooting static targets (although there's certainly a need for plain old target practice and drills).

Oh yeah, I still don't come in very high in the rankings... somewhere middle of the marksman pack. And I don't feel bad about that - as long as I'm doing the best I can and feel I did a little better than last time.

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell.

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