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The Garmin 196 is a great little GPS. I used mine in the airplane, the car (interfaced with a laptop for a bigger screen), and on the boat.

I went to Sun-n-Fun this year with full intention of upgrading my 196 for the new color 296. However, when I saw the unit in person -- and realized the screen was slightly smaller than the 196, I decided to wait. Then, while at the show -- I discovered the C-Map EXP III-C Pro Gold unit by AvMap. I was hooked! Especially when I was shown it will automatically lay out SAR grids unde rthe flight plan function -- something I really can make use of!

If price is a consideration for you, keep an eye on the Lowrance 1000. The engineers at the show let me play with a color prototype that will be available for the AirVenture show dates. This will be the most economical full-featured portable color GPS unit on the market. Integration of the unit with Satellite XM signals for "near real time" weather depiction is planned for the near future too.
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