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"the Children From The Wall"


Most of the Kids were Babies,
When their Dads went off to war.
It wasn't an unknown situation-
It has happened here before.
Their Dads didn't ask many questions,
Didn't choose the enemy or the fight.
But they knew that God would want them.
To do the thing thats right.

So many of the Fathers,
that marched off to Vietnam.
Would not come home-
to their dear Kids,
their Parents or their Moms.
And even the worst scenario,
and pain was still to bear.
The kids asked where is my Dad,
The Government knew not were.

And so these precious Children,
decided to learn about Vietnam.
They questioned all the Viet Vets,
Historians and their Moms.
The Children found the answers,
The Country should have learned long ago.
When the Country says to fight you fight-
and let your prejudices go.

They found out just how really brave,
Their Daddy's had to be.
To stand and fight for freedom,
In a time of agony.
The Country split wide open,
We should-We shouldn't-We won't
They found in History where their Daddy's fell-
and Quietly picked up his Ruck.

And with their Daddy's heavy pack,
Shouldered center and in balance too-
They move on through History-
for the Country, and me and you.
So when I think of courage-
and I respect that most of all,
I think of my closest and dearest friends,

"The Children from the Wall."

-Author Unknown-
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