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Loaded up some 9x25 with the WC820F HS-7 equivalent available from

Well used Winchester formed brass.
3.8" Barsto barrel in a G29
CCI-350 primers
COL 1.285"
~ 87F

All loads below produced at or less than my desired max head expansion. 5 shot groups.

95 FMJ
16.5 Lo=1766 Hi=1785 Es=19 Avg=1775 SD=7

115 FMJ
13.9 Lo=1468 Hi=1523 Es=55 Avg=1489 SD=22
14.2 Lo=1482 Hi=1518 Es=36 Avg=1504 SD=13

147 Gold Dot Hollow Point
12.1 Lo=1170 Hi=1294 Es=124 Avg=1261 SD=52
12.4 Lo=1321 Hi=1343 Es=22 Avg=1332 SD=8

Compare to an 800X workup:
115 FMJ
10.9 Lo=1495 Hi=1589 Es=94 Avg=1531 SD=41
11.3 Lo=1584 Hi=1626 Es=42 Avg=1605 SD=29

WC 820F matched my 800X load for 95 grain bullets, but it seems a touch too fast to produce top velocity in the heavier bullets.
I will try WC 820 PD next...

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