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Is the Navy still using the Rockport Airport for bounce practice?

PHI shut down the base there shortly before I retired and I went back to flying out of Galveston.
I liked flying out of RPT once I got the hang of heading West to get to the beach

I kept trying to get some pictures of the Blue T-34 paint job. I had the idea of building a large scale model Navy T-34 (radio control).
But it's just another project that will never be done.

How many hours did you get in the T-34?

How does it work now with you going into choppers?
Do you stay rated in fixed wing also?

Oh, take lots of pictures, all the time you can.
Man there's so much I missed in my early days in the military.

I was in a F4U4 Corsair and Skyraider USMCR outfit and haven't a single picture of those beautiful machines. :(

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