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Yeah, we still use rockport for bouncing. My last flight I did some bounces there and there was a lady sunbathing on a sandbar on the approach end of 14. Needless to say my instructor and I took turns landing so we could catch a glimpse, lol. I ended up with just over 100 hours in the T-34C and 40 hours in the simulator for instrument flight. As for helo training I'll just go right into it, and it will take 6 months until I get my wings. I won't stay rated for fixed wings, actually I was never rated for the T-34C I just learned to fly in it. From what I understand all I have to do in order to get my civilan commercial helo and single engine flight is take a test after I finish advanced. I saw a bunch of the helo's that flew to the rigs when I was flying around corpus. I'll keep an eye out for the life flights while I'm flying around. No way you can miss us with our white and orange "stay away from me because you don't know what I'm going to do next" paint job.
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