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It probably hasn't changed.
I already had a Private FW license when I got out of Army helicopter training with 200 hours helicopter.
I took the FAA written and got the Commercial FW and Rotorwing.

Later when I was instructing Army students I wanted to get my civilian CFI. I had to rent a helicopter and take the FAA flight test.

The check ride was cut short when a FW twin almost hit us on base (very close).
I landed so the examiner could go chew on the FW pilot's butt.
When the examiner came back he told me we weren't going back up, he said he had seen enough of my flying and passed me.;f

After that if my Army students wanted to keep a civilian log book I would sign off their flight time.

The Army later forbid us CFI's from doing that because a student might drop out of the program near the end because he had near 200 hours chopper time logged.
Ya, like they could get a helicopter job with 200 hours.

I would tell a washed out student, if I thought he deserved it, to send me a copy of his school flight time and I'd pick him up a log book and sign off his time.
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