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I guess I'm one of the 'younger guys' your talkin about Bill (a lil ol PFC). I love hearing stories that my NCO's and Officers tell. I dont have any of my own yet except for some from basic.
But your right, the actual combat stories are great, but its some of the other ones that you (the listner) realy learn from. One NCO in particular (SSG) really looks out for us who are E-4 and below. He is always telling us not what were doing wrong, but how to fix it. He does so buy telling us how he learned the right way, and most of the time it's a pretty halarious story. I dont know how much of it is true, but I dont guess that's quite as important as the point being made.
War stories are a great source of entertainment, but also a great sorce for learning.

So keep em commin yall! Theres a loley PFC down here in Texas who wants to be high speed and, as Lt says, "asaap" (as squared away as possible).
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