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what's up, guys

i had a platoon sgt in germany that was always telling us that he didn't like giving us a hard time. my standard answer was that if he didn't like his job, he needed to quit. but, central texan, you need tio wait til you're a little more secure in you position befor you start that crap.

we had a platoon leader, a second Lt, named zavertnik, and he was about as coordinated as his name. his platoon point man was a guy named west, six feet eight inches tall. his platoon guide, who is suppose to line his step up with the point man, was a guy named gee, five feet even. the only salvation his platoon had was that he was too lazy to call cadence, and the platoon sgt did it. i ran into him later in korea. damn, i'm glad i wasn't in his unit.

i said earlier, somewhere else, for me basic was absolute gravy. i'd spent most of life running up and down those ariz mountains. i was in great shape, plus i already was familiar with procedure cdause i'd been in the national guard.
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