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what's up guys

this is about my uncle the super soldier, who captured several dozen german soldiers single handed. one day they over-ran a german position, and a lot of equipment was abandoned when the germans bugged out. my uncle had been hearing for a couple of years about how bad those german MG s were, so a test was arranged. they tied ammo belts together, and wrapped them around a broom handle. my uncle put that butt plate to his shoulder, pulled the trigger, and held it. that MG started climbing, and shooting over the next hill. some colonel in an L-5 was coming over the hill from the other direction. the colonel panicked and ran away when little holes started appearing in his plane. about the time the gun burnt itself up and stopped firing, a couple of truck loads of MPs came over the hill behind him. he figured, well, i'm busted, but the trucks went right past him to a little stand of trees in the valley. when my uncle looked down in the valley the MPs were rounding up german infantry that hidden in hidey holes, so they could create mischief in the rear echelon. when those 8 mm bullets started singing through the trees, the germans thought they had been spotted, and were giving themselves up in droves. my uncle's shoulder was not broken, but it was bruised so badly he had to wear it in a sling til the muscle got a little tone back. he thought the better part of valor was to sneak away into the sunset before they decided to look for the guy who poked holes in the colonel's plane. remember, a pissed off colonel was why the MPs were there in the first place. i'm not gonna re-read this, so edit as you read.
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