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Originally posted by 7.62mmFMJ
It would take an act of monumental stupidity to resurrect the ban on semi-automatic rifles, design-capacity magazines, and self-loading shotguns. The easiest and most expedient thing to do is nothing, and nothing is all it takes for sunset.
I was talking to one of the vendors at a recent GSSF shoot and he is completely convinced that some form of backdoor wheeling and dealing/horsetradin' will go on that will result in the AWB being renewed. His thought is that this far to valuable to them to be able to let it go. Other more valueable (beauty is in eye of beholder) items will be threatened (again, in the beholder's eyes, this may include some "dirt" being let out) that would make the AWB seem to be the "smaller" loss.

Stinks any way you measure it. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

This is the position you end up in when people don't vote for "character".

"A Republic, if you can keep it." B. Franklin, 1787, outside Independence Hall

There's not "good" or "bad" muslims, only those true to their book and those that aren't, yet...
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