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Subscribe to the mailing list. All it takes is two emails (one to subscribe and one to confirm).

Then, just post to the list. Based on the type of people who subscribe to the VF/VFR mailing list (I know damn near every one of them, and I know hundreds from around the USA from meeting them in person), there will be half a dozen people willing to meet up with you in your area and let you check out their bike or even take it for a spin.

Unsubscribing is simple, too. Just send an email with the word 'unsubscribe' in the body - and you're done.

I have a feeling that you'll enjoy the list, though. Many people stay subscribed years AFTER they sell their VFR and move on to another bike. And many do what you might be doing --- subscribing to the list to research everything BEFORE you buy it - to make sure you're buying the RIGHT bike, the RIGHT year, the RIGHT gear/accessories, etc.

Feel free to send me any more questions.
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