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Two weeks ago lightning struck a tree adjacent our house. The main charge scored the tree to the ground and two "fingers" nailed the house. My nearby, taller, and heavily grounded antennae appears untouched. It's feed line runs into the office and was disconnected from the equipment and also grounded.

One of the fingers zapped an exterior security light, then traveled down the wall to an outlet then exited via a siding nail to ground- literally. At the exit point interior sheet rock and exterior wood siding was dislodged. The circuit breaker for that single circuit and the main breakers were tripped. Our computer cable system wireless router was damaged but not the cable modem nor any of the desktops connected to it. Since this was on a different circuit and on the far side of the home, we're guessing a power surge was experienced.

All in all relatively minor damage, but major excitement.
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