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Sat on a Marauder 800 me!

I stopped by a cycle shop today to get some goggles and numbers for my son's new Suzuki JR80 and browsed the toys.
They had a Suzuki Marauder 800 in blue on sale for $5500 and I sat on it for kicks.
Wow! I really liked the way it felt, nice balance, handlebars were perfect, etc.
It was just a really cool bike.
I've been wanting a dual-sport so I can ride with my son, but, there aren't any places to ride out here besides a couple of acres here and there.
I don't think a dual-sport would be all that useful. But a street-bike would be way cool to cruise around town on and take short trips in the country on.
But, a motorcycle really isn't that practical, and I need a new roof, and I'm taking a vacation this summer...
I just really, really, really wanted that bike today
;g ;g

Stop me before I actually buy one;P
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