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Batangueno: That's my kind of CZ!!! nabuhay na naman si Cheska Zubumoko!!!!

glck17: eto litanya ko for the CZ...treat this as doctrine and you'll save a lot of time, effort and money setting up your CZ-75/85 for ipsc production division!

1. Get a good trigger job. My 85B has 7lb DA and 2.5lb SA pull. Si Churchill, yung dating gunsmith ng PB ang gumawa. Yung triggers ng CZ nila Judge at Casmot si TP ang gumawa. Yung kay Allegra saka mga Team Armscor PD players si Jun Tuason ang current favorite when it comes to trigger jobs but I don't know where his shop is. I think it's in Pasig.

2. The original 75B mags have the solid black/gray followers and hold only 15rds. Use CZ-85B 16rd mags with the red/black hollow followers with legs. You can get 17 rds in when the springs break-in.

Aftermarket mags are allowed in PD so you can opt to buy the Mecgar 17rd magazines specifically made for the CZ at Twin Pines. 18rds will fit when the springs break-in.

You can also use 17rd Jericho/Tanfoglio magazine as your no. 1 magazine, but it has a square lip. The CZ has a round lip profile. The jericho/tanfoglio 17rd magazine will snag during mag change. 18rds will also fit when the springs break-in.

Use only original CZ thin wire mag springs and don't ever cut any coils.

3. Remove tha magazine brake inside the grip and straighten it out using 2 pliers so the mags fall free when you push the mag catch. Be very careful, the mag brake is made of spring wire and is very brittle.

4. If you have small hands, get the original CZ thin rubber grips. This is what I prefer. Others like the orig. plastic grips. Some don't like the rubber grips because they're too sticky, mahirap mag adjust ng grip.

5. The polymer and nickel plating finishes are very slick. Put skateboard tape on the front strap, slide and frame.

6. you can replace the fixed rear sights with LPA adjustable rear sights. You can paint your sights however you like it. Some prefer plain black or 3-dots with the same or different colors on the dots. I prefer plain black rear and an orange front sight.

Since magkakalaban tayo sa PD, tama na muna mga tips na ito para meron pa akong maitatagong ibang secrets! hehehe. enjoy your new toy!!! ;K
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