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Funny heard on the radio the other day

Here in MHT, there are a few foxes that run around on the airport. They've been here for a long time, and never have caused any problems. One of their main routes take them right accross a busy taxiway, and they are sometimes spotted by airline crews. Not much is done about it, but ATC will let everyone that might be in the area know about the critters. So the other night, I heard this exchange on the radio....

FDX 1212: Manchester Ground, FedEx 1212, we just saw a fox cross the taxiway, left to right.

MHT Ground: FedEx 1212, roger. Northwest 1896, use caution, there was a fox reported on taxiway Echo.

NW 1896: Northwest 1896, roger.

MHT Ground: Southwest 1096, use caution for the fox reported on taxiway echo.

SW 1069: Southwest 1096, roger.

MHT Ground: Southwest 858, watch out for the fox.

SW 858: I'm always watching out for foxes.
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