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Flying out of MYF one early morning which is very close to SAN I broadcasted my take off over the closed tower frequency and off I went. As a rule from flying in Alaska I always monitor the emergency comm. As I switched to departure I heard a SW pilot roger a call and then started into a 20 minute, very detailed account of his last nights love encounter with a Flight Attendant. The PF is laughing his head off, nothing was left for the imagination. In between the story they were joking about, wonder what happens if I hit this switch, duhh this will wake them up back there, again laughing their heads off.
Little did the commuter PIC. know that his mike was stuck open on the departure frequency for the SD to LA route. ATC was going absolutely nuts as they could not reach or break through to open the frequency to stop the love story and had oh about a few dozen flights vectored everywhere by the LA Center and departure around or hold because these guys are just blowing through the air space with no radio contact..
Their laughing, joking and just carrying on, totally oblivious that no other radio comm was happening, although once they said, hey pretty quite today huh....Ya were lucky, no idiots up here. Rather strange for the SD to LA route to have a silent radio. ATC put out a call on the emergency comm channel and I was the only responder. ATC found out a company frequency and I was able to overtake them and ATC vectored me within a mile or so, it was VFR on top, good visibility and that was close enough for me to see these guys and they could hear me on a company comm. I said, hey guys good morning, ahh who's this, King Air 36xx Z, we all have loved the story of your girlfriend, especially ATC, but you have had a hot mike from your last call, dead silence, ATC requests that you check your mike and turn to a different frequency, ahh ya thanks, hey, how long we been on, well lets just say we all know what you did last night in detail, contact ATC. I sure would not have liked to been in those guys shoes, if they had any left. As the regular ATC freq opened ATC said, SK contact SD Tower Chief, LA Center and Company Chief Pilot upon landing. I always thought they probably parachuted out somewhere before Long Beach.....
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