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Originally posted by Wadely
The ads are not scattered on the page OR in your inbox. They appear on the side of the screen just like when you do a Google search. It's MUCH less annoying to me than Hotmail's ad system and almost every site you go to nowadays tracs your useage for ads, it's not like this is a new thing. They aren't "reading" your mail. It's just some sort of script that say "hey this dude's got alot of emails with the words 'car' and 'broken' in it. I think I'll show him ads for GM and Ford". Some of you guys are WAY too paranoid.
I just run my own mail server. That way, I know who can read my mail behind the scenes, don't get ads at all, can block anything or reroute anything and can set it so that the first 100 characters of a mail from specific people go to my pager as well so I know they wrote and about what the mail was written.

I still don't understand this stuff.

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