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Vicky, you sound like my kinda gal. I love Superior and Northern Michigan. Beautiful. My mom is from Alpena so, as kids, we drove thru the UP on our way from Montana and North Dakota to visit grandparents. BEAUTIFUL.

Being a very fair-skinned, blue-eyed redhead, the beaches and I don't get along very well, except maybe at night.

Missy (that's my name too ;f ), I don't have a favorite vacation spot at the moment. North Carolina is beautiful tho. I've never been to the shore down there tho. I'd be more inclined to visit mountains than beaches... All that said, Utah is amazingly gorgeous. My folks moved to the Salt Lake City area and the lake is very pretty - and the mountains make quite a picturesque backdrop. However, they're in the midst of a bad drought so the lake is very low from what I hear. Still, it's a pretty place and lots to see and do.

Or how about Tahoe? I've never been but I've heard lots of good things about it.

Hope you find something you enjoy.
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