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Originally posted by Valor1
Personally, I've never been topped/accosted or whatever the term is by any police officers with or without a PTC. Even the checkpoints only adhere to "looking" only at a vehicle through their windows. I guess they have to present a search warrant to do a "thorough" search.

The only time I was "chased" and asked to pull over by a police car was when they had a report that I was involved in a hit and run incident. They didn't even search my car. After the smoke has cleared, they let me go because I was the wrong car.

I was also apprehended before in a checkpoint because they saw my M4 airsoft gun (I was playing war games then). They said that it could be improvised and I have to explain it to the precinct. The funny thing is that I have my Glock 29 under the seats. Even though they find the Glock I still have a current PTC then.

i guess playing the weakling or innocent can help. the extreme is you can also play the part of a vip. he he he

a search at a checkpoint is one of the exceptions to the "no warrant, no search/arrest" rule found in our criminal procedure books. therefore, if you are flagged down at a checkpoint, the cops/military can "search" your person and vehicle. but take note, the search is limited only to a "VISUAL" search of your vehicle and the cops/military should never touch or lift anything.

even if they have a search warrant, they can only search for SPECIFIC things or objects mentioned in the warrant itself, and limited only to the place(s) specified therein. if they see anything suspicious or illegal in your vehicle (not mentioned in the search warrant), they have the authority to confiscate it BUT they cannot use it as evidence against you. in short, it is inadmissible in evidence in court. this is what is called "the fruit of the poisonous tree."

so if you're hiding something, the best way is to avoid. always be alert and be quick to assert your constitutional rights when needed. if the cops/military knows that you are aware of your rights, they will most likely leave you alone or set you free. bottomline mga pare, wag kayong tatanga-tanga
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