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Originally posted by 9MX
so if this happens to any of us in area not covered by our PTT, do still get the gun back? by padrino system i suppose?

definitely not pareng 9mx, unless you are carrying a "paltik" or an illegal firearm. i was referring to an illegal object or thing, like a bladed weapon (more than 6 inches), or an illegal firearm. for as long as your firearm has papers, hindi naman yan kukumpiskahin.

nope, i based my post on the laws i came across atty. topacio's book on firearms and explosives. this is because i also wondered how those gun owners who don't have their own vehicles can use their PTT.


care to comment on this?
frankly pare, the PTT can be subjected to many interpretations, lalo na sa aming mga lawyers. if you analyze it, it's a PERMIT TO TRANSPORT, right? is by owning a vehicle the only way to transport a firearm from your residence to the range? the key word here is "TRANSPORT". if our police and military authorities will interpret the PTT as being limited only to firearms owners with vehicles, then they SHOULD change the name to "permit to transport firearms for vehicle owners".

the bottomline here is, it's totally unfair to those who do not have their own vehicles. until someone questions this in court, i believe that even gun owners who do not have their own vehicles CAN VALIDLY transport their firearms from their residence to the range, and vice versa.

i just got my PTT recently and will probably stick to it until i can amass enough budget for a PTC, which will cost around 5,500-6,000. even then, i carry my piece "lock and loaded" -- a direct "violation" of condition #3 of the PTT. i live inside the malacanang area and do not encounter any problem with PSG guards. kung sakali man, it's fairly easy to unload my gun and separate the magazines. technicality lang naman if you violate condition #3. ang importante you HAVE a valid permit to own and possess.

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