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sigforum suspended my account a few days ago. No notice just suspended it and deleted what I had posted. A few members were complaining and arguing like children about an ex member who was bashing (sigforum) on or something. It got real childish. I posted that I thought it was funny like children fighting over a tree fort. Within minutes my account was suspended and I have been a member for years. No notice, no email, no nothing. Days later I still have not recieved any response from them.

I'm pissed. Just ticked, and if I could logon I would tell parabellum the head moderator what I thought. Unfortunately I cannot. If he reads this be sure to have him email me. Same username on all the boards I frequent.

Oh well, no great loss. If anyone would be kind enough to refer one of their moderators to this thread I would appreciate it. Maybe then they could bash and argue about me. Then some other guy might get banned for telling them how childish they-re being.....
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