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See now it's people like that. Couldn't it possibly have been a simple mistake? An accident perhaps? Moderators do act immature sometimes, especially when they're angry. Nope, not knowing anything, you believe I was justly punished. Quick to type out a quick note approving my suspension aren't we? He must be guilty........

And I haven't bashed any forum. Sigforum is full of knowledgeble people and deals. Despite being banned, I will continue to lurk around reading and learning all that I can. I do have an issue with the way I was treated. When I stumbled accross this thread I thought, what a perfect place to voice my opinion. As I said I would have emailed the head moderator but I am blocked from doing so.

Scroll back up and see who started this thread. It's not started by anyone named crpydy. The spelling would be the biggest hint that we are not one and the same. Thank you.
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