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Nashe indeed has a bad rep in this board.
But personally, I have dealt with Nashe twice and both deals turned out positively. Pero baka exception lang case ko.
I bought a Walther P99 from them in 1999 for almost P30,000. I was able to get the gun after their commitment of three weeks delivery. I still have that gun.
Last year, I bought a USP Tactical 45 from Nashe thru Starfire via bodega transfer (thats what they call it, I think, when a gun dealer buys from another dealer) I got the gun in about three weeks, as promised.
In contrast, the CZ75 i bought from Ultra Systems in 1994 was delivered in two and a half months, or twice the promised waiting time.
I never had any need for after-sales customer service from Nashe as the units I got from them never needed any repair, replacement, etc.
I think the main complaint against them is the pricing. Medyo mataas talaga. The 1911 Kimbers are averaging over P100k.

Mahirap HK parts. Via internet lang mostly. I ordered some parts from CCF for the Tactical ( thread protector and vortex suppressor) recently. The package arrived in about two weeks time.

No experience with Sigs yet.
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