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Originally posted by crispin
well to tell you guys the truth i have no idea kung magkano na bentahan and what is fair,but can you give me an idea for the price of the glock 30?? kung baga eh meet tayo sa gitna yung patas ba ..... preyong magkaibigan, and also ok ba na ipalit ko ay h s 2000 na 9mm?? my friend has been egging me for days on buying one kapalit ng glock, well for one reason is the price mas mura siya kaysa sa glock, but for any other reason like performance or durabilty wala akong alam. hope you can help me guys...thanks
imho, you'd be better off with a g17. i heard its difficult to secure accessories for the hs 2000 here in da pilipins
at least buking na si Mando Rugas
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