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Given that you're travelling, I would opt for as many connectivity options as possible.

Most laptops come with RJ-11 (modem) and RJ-45 (ethernet) ports. The modem port lets you dial-up in a pinch (most major ISPs will have local POPs in just about every major city). The ethernet port lets you connect via broadband (many hotels provide this service for a relatively small fee).

Wireless lets you connect at any number of free hotspots along the coast -- though I wouldn't trust the security. If you're using XP, then setting up access should be no problem.

Cell-phone/modem connectivity is another option, but it's painfully slow...even via GSM/GRPS.

Use an ISP that provides the most access for you. If you have an Earthlink DSL account for example, they provide you with 20-hours of free dial-up service per month, plus have POPs all over the place.
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