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Originally posted by ronin_asano
agreed, there will still be data unless you use a program like eraser: to delete individual files or groups of files.

eraser is freeware, btw

however, this means you will have to know the location of everything that needs deleting.

that's not the best way, and it requires too much effort. windows machines do not perform low level formats. you could never be sure you wiped all the sectors.

the eraser program i linked above provides a tool to create a 'nuke' boot disk. create this disk, then boot to it in the machine that needs wiping. then go have a beer or two. when it finishes, the drive will be as data free as is practically possible short of destroying the media itself.
Yup, it works. Tried it on an old PC. After I was done "nuking", I booted on a floppy and the hard drive did not even exist.
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