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move https (apache2) from port 443


I have a linux box running at home that from time to time I would like to access from work.

The problem is that Work is blocking all ports; (I have not found any other ports) except 80 and 443; at their firewalls.

My ISP blocks port 80.

That being said it seams like the only port I would be able to connect to via ssh is port 443.

Currently from work (Internet) I need ssh.

At home I need (Intranet), I need ssh, http, and https.

Which begs the question, How do I move https to a different port besides 443? So I can connect to my linux box from work?

My linux box is behind a Linksys BEFSX41 firewall/router (latest firmware).

I am running Apache2 (httpd-2.0.49-1.1) and ssh (openssh-server-3.6.1p2-19) on FC1


[begin edit]

I know how to edit iptables and sshd_config. I do not know how to move https to a different port looking at the httpd.conf.

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