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"Let me get everything straight. At your work, they block all ports except port 80 and port 443? No other ports are open, like port 25 for mail, no telnet, ssh etc...? Your ISP, at home, blocks inbound traffic on port 80?"

Exactly Correct

"It seems odd to me that they would block inbound traffic on port 80 and leave port 443 open. I would think that the reason for blocking port 80 would be to keep you from hosting your own site. For the same reason I would think that they would also shut down port 443"

I would think the same thing (I would if it was me) however oversight or what ever 80 is filtered 443 is not by my ISP.

"Have you tried to access your webserver via https on port 443 from outside, ie...from work? And does it work?"

Yes port 443 is completely open (when I disable my firewall at this time).

"You would have to force the ssh connection to port 443. Right? Then you would have to have ssh listening on port 443 on your linux box at home."

Correct again

"Can you use port 443 for ssh?"

You can yes in the sshd_config file you can change the port SSHD listens on (default is 22 I want it on port 443).

"And can it be used along with https as long as they are not trying to use it at the same time?"

No it cant and that is the problem (why I need to move https to a different port). Only 1 service (Apache, SSH, DNS, Email, you get the idea) is allowed to listen on single port.

As a result I cant have Apache and SSH both on port 443.

I know how to change SSH to a different port, I do not know how to remove https (default port 443) to a different port.
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