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1st of all - check this out

looks like a 10mm or 45 case necked to 30 cal.

(their site was down sat. am - keep checking them)

2nd of all - instead of having a custom barrel made for your first prototype - why not get a cheap POS CZ 52 chambered in 7.62x25mm?

load it up with saboted 22's (i think theyd have to be short bullets - a 55-62 grain .224 is looong!!!)

and blast away

I think you could buy a complete CZ52 for less than the cost of one custom barrel for your Glock

you might know someone who already has one.

you might not even need the sabots & 22 bullets - according to Chuck Karwan - the 7.62x25mm already knifes thru level 3A Kevlar like it is butter - a high speed 30 cal might be just the ticket

How bout a 7.62x25mm barrel for the G20?

will a 7.62x25mm cartridge fit in a G20 magazine? COAL on the 7.62 is 1.36" - Rim dia is 0.390" COAL on the 10mm is 1.26" - Rim dia is 0.424"

my G20 mag will barely hold in an empty mauser case - the lips are tight enuf.

dont know about the length though

if it could be done - 7.62 Mauser ammo is available pretty cheaply, and with a 22 sabot would be fun to play with

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