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The idea of necking down the cartridge has become an idea that is almost all the way down the toilet now. The .357 Sig has become a cartridge i will NEVER own now... Reason: The .357 Sig headspaces on the rim rather than the shoulder... this is not a good because it is causing problems with the shoulder giving way and making it so that the rim no longer contacts the barrel for headspacing. This may not be so much a problem for the first time a round is put up the pipe and fired, but, if the round is taken out and put back in (especially numerous times) there is a possiblilty of KA BOOM!!!!!

So... the only way to go with a necked down cartridge is to have it headspace on the shoulder... Also, i would hate to have the BOZ people give us a bunch of crap about stealing their idea... much as i think they can all kiss my nice tight BUTT!!! Police ONLY my BUTT!!! Tell 'em to call me i will tell them to their faces!

As for the long range use of the 223XR, we will just have to see what happens through experimentation. Poochg is right about the fast burning powder... we need to use a fast burning powder to control the destabilizing effect of the barrel blast after the saboted round leaves the barrel... but, i believe that if the sabot is designed right that will be kept to a minimum and long range accuracy will be improved. Look at the saboted shotgun slug rounds, they seem to be doing pretty good in the accuracy department. Also, let's all try to remember that this is a short range, high velocity, pistol/carbine round for "sporting/plinking" "PC" type purposes... The 10 RingThe 10 RingThe 10 Ring gag... choke... retch...

...Anyway... the idea is to make the most inexpensive .223 round to spit out of a G20 platform and still keep it "effective"... preferably without a barrel change...

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Also, as for the length of the 55 grn .223, a 200 grain pill is already shoved in the case about .375 so, that gives us a bit of room to work with seeing the fact that we are working with a much lighter bullet and can potentially shape the sabot in such a way as to maximize the powder capacity and still contain the .223 bullet.

Bottom line, we are going to have to play... ooops, i mean experiment with it a bit before we find the right combination. The key is going to be the sabot design though.

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