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Great post Poochg! Hahahahaha!! Toooo funny!! The 10 RingThe 10 RingThe 10 Ring

The bloody Limies have nothin on us Americans! We even speak English better than they do! HA! So there!

As for the 223XR, XR stands for "10Ring" as in "THE 10RING" as in the worlds most exlusive club, as in US.

We here in The 10Ring have designed this exceptional cartridge as a group, which means that IT CANT BE PATENTED! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! BUT IT HAS OUR NAME, and it is ALL over the internet, a matter of record, made public for all to see... complete with dates, spec's, everything... The 10Ring gets credit for this one, and that is something no one can ever take away from us. The Boz boys tried to keep the Boz for LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY!! Welllllllllllllllll.... i guess they can just KISS OUR NICE TIGHT BUTTS on THAT one!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

The 223XR is just a silly little sabot away. I am planning on getting with my CAD/CAM guy any day now, but just have been too busy lately. I was hoping there was already a well designed sabot out there so that we didnt have to redesign the wheel on this one, especially since it's so simple. Looks like we will have to have some sabots specially made... oh well, no biggie... just takes a little time, money, and know-how... The sabot is already designed.

The 10 Ring

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