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ignoring sabots for the sake of discussion.....

that comment on "about a short 22BR being usefull for converting 45acp pistols to a "BOZ" style round" got me thinking

would it be better to start out with a pistol case & neck it down, or start with a necked down rifle cartridge & shorten it?

the 7.62x39 (russian) rim is not very much larger than the 10mm

the 22PPC is a shortened knecked down 7.62x39

the 22 Waldog is a shorter (1.375") 22PPC run through a shortened 22/250 die.

How bout an even shorter verion of the 22 Waldog for use in the G20?

perhaps form it in an 22/250 improved die (the Shannon version shoulder is .443" dia & 35degree)....

cut it off with as short a neck as is possible....

if needed lathe off part of the rim (it is 0.020 larger than a 10mm rim) or open up the breechface slightly

there you go - a "22Waldog-250Improved-Short"

I think .223XR is a little more catchy though.

anyone up for a .172" version?

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The 10 Ring

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