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Originally posted by Shred:
There's no way a real US patent on the .224 BOZ cartridge is going to stand up (CD probably cheaped out and filed for a Design patent, which covers the _exact_ design, but change an angle or two and you're scot-free). That would be good enough for them-- with that patent they can control BOZ ammo and barrel manufacturers. Good for us too, we can do what we want.

-Shred (played with a .224 BOZ once)
First of all I'm jealous.....Now I want to know every little detail.......

Well, tell us man......was it the out of the 1911, the Glock the mp5, did you just play with the ammo, like juggling it, what kind of play, where were you, can I go there? (you know stuff like that man) If the Glock, how was it modified?

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