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Huh? What? Where??? The 10 Ring

It's like this people, i only have so much time to put into this project, especially when there is no promise of compensation for monies spent to make it happen. On top of that i have been totally swamped with "prepaid" orders, and those babies pay for my time to do "new product research". What most of you dont know is that i have been fighting a couple of companies that got together, stole Agrip secrets, made a faked product like Agrip, tried to sell the product in Eagle Hardware, and tried to put me out of business by trying to exhaust my ability to pay for attorney and court costs.

I won, they LOST!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The 10 RingThe 10 RingThe 10 RingThe 10 Ring

Those companies are "Trade Associates" of Auburn, Washington, which makes cheap Tiawanese pnumatic tools like air hammers and chisels, paint guns, sanders, etc., under various names. These tools are VERY common in the big hardware stores. The guy that owns this company is named "Bill Turnbull", and his wife is in cahoots with him. The other company is "Silver Beau Construction", good question on the address, the guy is a fly-by-night-gypsy that is currently hiding from creditors down around San Louis Obispo, CA. His name is "Randy Schindele". The guy is a low-life piece of crap who would let kids starve just to make a buck. Pi$$ on him. Pi$$ on his wife Rachael too. The 10 Ring

Top Current Priority: paying off all the debt related to this fiasco, and getting back on my feet. All this means is the customer comes first, cool projects second.

In addition, the "slowness" of GT loading, or even loading properly really hinders my ability to respond to threads here at GT in a timely manner...

So, what does all this mean? It means that if i dont get any help or money earmarked specifically for this project, it has to wait. Simple huh?

It also would have been nice if the guy that ALREADY makes sabots for other calibers would get back to me like he said he would.

Unless we have people here at GT that can donate CAD/CAM services to help us out, this project is going to take a while... sorry...

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