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Poochg, no, i really dont have any time. All my time is paid for in advance by my customers, and Agrip is not all we make here, we also make aircraft steering controls and are in the middle of designing several new products, some of which are going through testing right now.

Who is "we" and what "it" is that we are working on? All classified on a "need to know" basis. If no one can figure out "who" it is exactly that is working on a specific project, they dont know who to milk for the information, so they are less likely to try. As for the "it", or the specific products being worked on, we dont talk about the products we are inventing for obvious reasons.

As for the .223XR, it is just going to have to wait until the time/funds become availible. Squeeky wheel gets the grease. Got money?

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