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I'm fairly new to GlockTalk and just found this thread today. But I am a long time reloader and sabot shooter, so thought I would relate a couple of things (and BTT).

These modern sabots can withstand any pressures/velocities you could generate in a handgun caliber such as this. Proper design can lead to exceptional accuracy as well.

An earlier post questioned the distance at which the sabot falls away from the bullet. There seems to be a lot of variation in the sabots used in commercial shotgun/slug sabots and muzzleloader sabots. I usually find the spent sabot from 10 to 35 yards downrange.

But, my Shooting Chrony wears a 1/2 inch diameter x 3/8 deep crater in its metal case; result of a Hornady shotgun slug sabot @ 12 feet. The slug was centered over the "eyes", but the sabot had apparently peeled away at this short range.

Interesting project ya got going here. Hmmmm, I wonder how fast the .224 Hornady 35 grain V-Max would fly out of a short barrel?


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