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procmail. It's easy, free and there are a bunch of recipies out there that you can piecemeal together to do exactly what you're looking to do and filter only what you want to filter.

Easy way on the viruses:

*^Content-(Type|Disposition): .*$?.*name=".*\.(ade|adp|bas|chm|cmd|crt|hlp|hta|inf|ins|isp|js|jse|mdb|mde|msc|msi|msp|mst|ocx|pcd| pot|ppt|reg|sct|shb|shs|url|wsc|wsf|wsh)"|\
^Content-(Type|Disposition): .*$?.*name=".*\.(scr|pif|dll|exe|com|lnk|bat|vbs|386|cpl|drv|sys|vb|vbe|vxd)"|\
| formail -A "X-Suspect-Extension: Illegal Extension, sent to quarantine"


Everything you use up there is already on your Linux box.

Outlook? You using WIN or Linux?

netscape has an email client. Mozilla has one. Pegasus has one. Xiamin Evolution is a lot like Outlook. Set up webmail on internal server. Eudora is a good one...

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