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Wow.. found this by accident from a Google search. I used to load 9x25 years ago for IPSC. Thus my loads top out around 180 PF and are from a 5" barreled STI.

115 JHP 16.1gr H108 ~1550 fps
124 Hornady JFP 15.1gr H108 went about 1460
124 JFP 9gr N105 - 934 fps. 11gr 1431 fps. 12.2gr 1580fps

I have some others using ~17gr H110 & 115's somewhere-- cases came out so clean they looked new.

Rumor has it Rob Leatham and Arnt Myhre at Dillon got some light .380 bullets up to 2000+fps, but accuracy was abysmal. Any better luck recently?

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