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Originally posted by Eye Cutter
to all the defensive mindset junkies:

so how do you hone your skills in the local setting?
Hey, who are you calling a junkie?! (just kidding)

I compete occasionally (about once a quarter) just so they don't kick me out of my gun club. ;Q For non-competition practice, I also run courses of fire, but with a defensive mindset (sometimes shooting strong-hand, sometimes weak hand, while running, while behind cover, kneeling, in reduced light, etc.). Also, shooting with other like-minded individuals helps me to critique areas or skills where I may be deficient.

I also work on close-quarter shooting skills at home using an airsoft replica of my gun, since doing the same at a range may freak the ROs out. I'm still trying to convince people to join me in airsoft force-on-force simulations. These are quite difficult to set up on one's own.

But hey, I like going to competitions too, just because the other BoGs will be there
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