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Originally posted by Eye Cutter
to all the defensive mindset junkies: so how do you hone your skills in the local setting?
He he-- in other words, me, mikey, and darwin.;f

Whenever I have the chance to visit the range, I try to expend 100 rounds doing various defensive drills, mostly shooting on the move. The objective here is to hit the targets consistently while moving. Whenever possible, I shoot also with the lights switched off at the range (using a Surefire white light). You'd be amazed of how much smoke a gunfire generates in darkness and therefore becomes a tactical consideration.

At home or in the office, I practice draw/move/shoot (dryfire) similar to what I do when in the range. While behind the wheel, I play out in my mind scenarios such as sudden stops, flank/rear attack, plus the "jimmying-with-my-car-door" robbery attempt.

I don't compete but I believe it instills good gun safety habits. It doesn't offer everything for training the warrior within, but at least it's something.
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