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I'm amused by a lot talk that ipsc shooters would just charge blindly in a room or just stand in the open and wouldnt know how to take cover
I'm thinking if a guy was shooting at me, the first thing I would do was run or run for cover. Unless I'm too shocked to move hehe

a lot of police and pilitary ipsc shooters here have been in gunfights and they have done pretty well . Pero, I think they won the fight because the bgs were not really skilled with guns.

IMO, the biggest advantage of IPSC competition is that it trains you to be able to think on your feet.
Sa ipsc, your shooting, moving, changing mags etc while simultaneously engaging static and moving targets in the fastest order under pressure. Ang hirap nun! Lalo na when there are jams, reengages , missed activators etc.
The basic skills become automatic freeing your mind to think of other things ( like tactics ).
Di ba advantage yun sa fight?
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