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Originally posted by Allegra
IMO, the biggest advantage of IPSC competition is that it trains you to be able to think on your feet.
Sa ipsc, your shooting, moving, changing mags etc while simultaneously engaging static and moving targets in the fastest order under pressure. Ang hirap nun! Lalo na when there are jams, reengages , missed activators etc.
The basic skills become automatic freeing your mind to think of other things ( like tactics ).
Di ba advantage yun sa fight?
You're correct there, Allegra, especially when a hundred pair of eyes are boring down on your neck watching your every move. The pressure alone it exerts down your shoulder makes the exercise relevant to the development of a self defense mindset.

I've read somewhere that it takes 3000 correct repetitions of an action for it to become second nature to the individual. Get the fundamentals down pat so you can deal with other unpredictable variables of the gunfight. So it boils down to supervised, regular practice. It helps if you have someone there with you to tell what you've been doing right or wrong. Not to mention it's more fun.
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