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There's another thread here in GT related to this topic which is now 55 pages long with more than 1,200 replies entitled A good competitor does not a gunfighter make and the replies range from amiable to hostile indicating the controversy and passion that this topic entails to some people.

My take on this is that engaging in gun games IS trigger time(Fun time, the best kind ;f) and as they say practice makes perfect. If you're methodical enough in your approach,huge rewards can be gleaned from diligent practice as opposed to those who compete just to throw slugs downrange without regard to improving how they do it.
A good competitor should be under no illusion that what he is doing will automatically make him a better gun fighter when the SHTF as various things do come to play and some people aren't wired for fighting(some become passive and/or take flight). Engaging in gun games will make you better prepared as you become proficient with the use of your weapon and conversely your limitations with it as well. All of which will serve you in good stead when you develop the mindset and summon enough courage to use it when necessary.
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