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Before I started joining competition I was a little scared of my gun. I would go to an indoor range and finish 50 rounds as fast as I could ;I. Heck, all I know was the basic gun handling stuff. After joining my first IDPA competition (thanks eyecutter ;W) I was addicted. It was fun, you get to learn but most important, I started to trust my gun. It was no longer a bomb. It became just a tool that you don't have to be afraid of, if you use it properly.

Originally posted by Allegra
IMO, the biggest advantage of IPSC competition is that it trains you to be able to think on your feet. Sa ipsc, your shooting, moving, changing mags etc while simultaneously engaging static and moving targets in the fastest order under pressure. Ang hirap nun! Lalo na when there are jams, reengages , missed activators etc.
The basic skills become automatic freeing your mind to think of other things ( like tactics ).
Di ba advantage yun sa fight?

I agree. After a while it all becomes second nature.
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