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Road Rage at Mc Donalds

After a long due vacation after being hospitalized, my wife and I
left for our cabin in eastern Ore. We left early and both of us
got hungry along the way, so we made a stop at Mc Donalds.

After eating our Mc Somethings, I looked both ways and backed out
of my parking place. When I was backing out a beat up volkswagen
tore into the driveway and screached on his brakes.

The guy rolled his window down and asked if I was something Fuc*ing
special. Of course I answered him, yes I'm special, explectives

We left and stopped at the service station to fill up. So here
comes this guy and his girl screaming and pointing their fingers
in the appropriate direction at me.

Ignoring him, we left after filling up. Unfortunately the dog had to go and we stopped at an appropriate place.

After the dog did her business, we were getting back in the car, and
here comes the guy in the volkswagen. He got out of his car with a
baseball bat, expletives deleted.

I had 7 firearms in the car, but they were secured and unavailable
for quick acess. I did have a model 60 S&w in the jockey box for
quick access if I needed it, but I left the situation in a hurry.

I don't know if that makes me a *****, but all that I could think
about was my wifes safety and the consequences of using a firearm
on this basta*rd. I think that I did the right thing by leaving,
but if that guy arrived a few minutes earlier, I might have taken
a different approach to the situation.

I think that I did the right thing by leaving, considering the
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