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Funny, the youths I get in contact with can't wait until they are old enough to enlist. One young man has ever decided on eslisting as 18X (he's not even 17 yet and you have to be 18 y.o. to enlist as 18X).

If it wasn't for my hyperactive thyroid, I would have been in-country at Afghanistan with the VA-ARNG weeks ago.

But personally, I am not a big supported for the draft. I think we have more than enough volunteers available that if they'd get rid of some of the red tape, would provide more than enough manpower to sustain operations.

In my case for example, if they would give me a waver to deploy to 'stan as permanent Base Security, it would free up at least one other Infantryman who can participate in operations outside of base camp. The only limitation my medical condition has is I have to take 150 mg a day of a medicine called PTU. I can take it all at once or one pill (50 mg) at a time. This would work out since I am a Mortarman anyway, and can still provide fire support from a static location.


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