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Originally posted by one_eye_kirat
advanced na pala ang mga training niyo. where can i find a good range in qc that has a complete variety of targets such as swingers, running man, plate racks, statics, etc... how much is the damage in regards for the usage of ur respective range. how about the reloading cost for every type of heads and caliber (9mm preferably since im into production).

Questions Ulet:

1. What's the highest position you've got in a Level III match?
2. What's your average percentage for every Level III match?
3. How high is your priority (please choose from 1-5, 1 being the highest) for this sport.
4. How long have you been shooting/competing?
5. You know how to do the moonwalk? nye!

In short, your asking what does it take to kick everyones ass
Shooting skill isnt even half of it
Major requirement is attitude, kasama na dun ang focus , determination, sacrifice dedication, confidence , blah blah blah

I was active sa ipsc for 3 years

I know this ipsc shooter
Nanganganak na yung asawa sa st lukes, tumakas pa just to shoot a level 1 sa munti hahaha now thats dedication
Kaya ayun, binata na siya muli hehe
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