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What the heck?!

So I go on vacation a few weeks ago, and I get back and turn on the computer. No problem. Starts as usual. So I'm surfing the net, and things go awry within a few minutes. My windows taskbar at the bottom of the screen dissapears. I'm exhausted anyways, so I shut down the system via the shut down button on the computer tower itself.

The next time I try to start it in the morning, I cannot get past the "select user" screen (Windows XP Pro). It starts to load my personal settings and then automatically reboots. It does this every time. So first I notice that my temps were pretty high, so I clean the inside of my case (pretty dusty). Then I reinstalled Windows XP Pro, without reformatting. So I basically have two different Windows XP's on the system as of right now. The new one allows me to get into windows just fine, but all my settings and whatnot are gone and when I attempt to load the earlier XP, I get the same rebooting problem after I enter my password at the select user screen. I can't even access the programs I had on my first Windows XP. I start college in a few weeks. I need to get back my computer as I had it. It also does not recognize any audio hardware now.

What the heck? I need your help if you know what I can do to resolve this.

Thank You.
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